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And Then I Found Yoga

" To worship is to assume a new relationship with yourself and all creation - with God. To worship is to be willing to be unsure, unresolved, to admit how much we don't know...." (Living Your Yoga, finding the spiritual path in everyday life”, by Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T.).

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The Future Freaks me Out [Blog]

Take time to smell the roses. You can have a plan and stick to it, just plan some chillax time into your plan and all will be well.


I am one with the fourth and the fourth is one with me.

Hello! See, it’s Thursday and I’m writing another blog. Told ya. Thursday seems like a good a day as any for blog day. It isn’t the weekend, but people feel just enough of that weekend feel to take the time to avoid productivity and read a blog. That logic is sound, yeah?

It’s near the end of my time at Pikes Peak Community College. Part of me wants to write a heartfelt message about how these three years have been and encourage the youths of America to stay in school.

The truth is I’m too stressed to reflect.

Anxiety sucks, man. If anyone out there has them anxious jitters a lot like me, I’m here for you. I know how it is and it sucks. I’m done with school, but not really. I feel like it’s time…

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And The Crowd Goes Wild [Blog]

Thanks for writing, I’m feeling a little lazy haven’t written in a while. Perhaps I should get off my bottom and write something 🙂


Where am I? The last blog I wrote was sort of just saying, “Hey, I’m back to blog more.” But I didn’t really let you know where I’m at right now. It’s school’s fault, really. I am the busiest man, even if my busy-ness isn’t really going anywhere as far as following my dream goes (for the most part). I am doing it though, fair reader, don’t you worry.

I had a good talk with Spencer Davis yesterday about artists and being creative. The difference between a singular artist and a group of them working towards a goal (a band for example) is the conflict of interest in how far they want to go with the art and how fast. Being a singular artist myself, I am in complete control of the pace in which I am pursuing my dream. It’s sweet, but at the same time, it’s dangerous. I…

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My Friends Went out for Errands [Blog]

My son loves to write, check out hos latest blog.


Hey there. It’s been a while. It feels awkward writing a blog. It’s like when you see an old acquaintance and get stuck in the same room for an hour while everyone else is out running errands.

“Hey there.”

“Oh, hello.”

“How has your year been?”

That’s a terrible opener. It’s such a broad question that the answer is too overwhelming to even start talking about.

“My year? It’s been pretty good.”

That’s about all the conversation evolves to. I say acquaintance and not friend because blogging and I haven’t been too close, you know? Blogging is more of a friend of a friend and I’m not too familiar with it. I was on a good little streak for a while, then school happened. Seems to be a theme of my life. I was starting to be productive but then being productive got in the way.

I don’t know where…

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