Famous Chili and Luchadwarves [Blog]


Happy best month of the year homies! You getting spooky yet? We’ve gotten a bit spooky around these parts, no lie. Mainly just decorating and watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

I’ve got a list of movies I want to watch, mainly Hellraiser, Little Shop of Horrors and Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m not a huge fan of scary movies, not because I don’t like being scared but because most scary movies are lame. Most of the time movies rely on jump scares and show the monster in the first twenty seconds of the movie and I’m not about that biz. It was great though, because it was more than just a scary movie. As far as other scary movies… I don’t think I’ve really seen one in years. The only reason I want to watch Hellraiser is for nostalgic purposes. When I was a little kid, like, waaay…

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Stay Busy, Stay Relaxed, Stay Stress-Free [Blog]

Looking forward to seeing you at yoga tomorrow and having you in the basement for a couple weeks


Hello again. It’s me, Alex.

There isn’t much to report this week. I’ve been slacking on my writing, but sometimes you just gotta live life, you know? There’s been a lot going on and there’s bound to be a lot going on before we move. This week Amy and Cady left, then work, then selling the car, then hanging out with the roomies. Happy Birthday Max, by the way. Tonight we’re going to Denver to play a one shot dungeons and dragons campaign with Ian while he’s in town. Tomorrow I’m going to my mom’s yoga class. It isn’t the first one she’s taught but I think it might be her first time at a studio. If anyone is interested in going it’s going to be at Yoga Studio Satya tomorrow morning from 8:30 to 9:30. It’s up here on the north side.

After all this I’m going hunting tomorrow…

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Practical Magic [Blog]


Welcome to a very short blog. Hey, as long as I’m still delivering blogs every Thursday it doesn’t matter how long the blogs are right? You ever say/type a word too many times and it starts to sound funny? Blog. Blog. Blooogg. Yeah, this is going to be nonsense.

Been having a really great week with the Ibarras (minus Melissa, we miss you). I like how they just feel like home here. Not only do they feel like they’re at home here. One of those things that when they’re here it’s like they never left and live right down the street. They feel like they’re home here too. It’s everything you want out of in-laws. They’re part of the environment at home and when you see them because that’s just how family is, you know? One day I want to transplant all of Stephanie’s friends and families to the glorious…

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Existential Funk [Blog]


Hello darlings. Lovely weather we’re having, eh? Stephanie said it’s like Colorado is saying, “No, don’t go. Look, see, I can be all rainy and gloomy all the time too.” I love it. If any of you didn’t know this about us, rainy gloom is sort of our biz. A big reason the Pacific Northwest looks so appealing. The negative connotation to this is that I get a bit of seasonal depression or “funk” as I like to call it. Stephanie says we should get vitamin D pills to help and I think I may try it out. It sucks when something you love can bring you down like that, like jazz music or friends with baggage.

Had a bit of an emotional stint yesterday. Nothing crucial or anything, just a bit of anxiety and a little glum glib.

Being an adult is hard and stupid. I’m sure anyone who…

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