living yogaI’m reading “Living Your Yoga, finding the spiritual path in everyday life”, by Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D., P.T.

I read a chapter a day and write down what I’ve learned. Most statements are direct quotes from the book, my thoughts are followed by my name.

April 9, 2017

Part One – Awakening Awareness: Yoga with Yourself

Chapter 1:  Spiritual Seeking

From the book:

“I believed that to be spiritual meant that I had to seek, find, and accomplish something outside of herself that would bring me happiness and fulfillment.”

“I found that we seek something called spirituality, holiness, or enlightenment, the route to it is through our humanness, complete with our strength and our weaknesses, our successes and our failures, you might say that we use ourselves to discover ourselves.”

“Spiritual seeking is not what we do outwardly but what we acknowledge inwardly.”

“The real beginning of spiritual practices evident when we accept responsibility for ourselves – that is, when we acknowledge that ultimately there are no answers outside of ourselves, and no gurus, no teachers and no philosophies that can solve the problems of our lives.  They can only suggest, guide, and inspire.  It is our dedication to living with open hearts and our commitments to the day-to day details of our lives that will transform us.  When we are open to the present moment, we shine forth.  At these times, we are not on a spiritual path; we are the spiritual path.”

Today’s Practice:  “Create a sacred space.  Designate a quiet area at home or work where you can practice yoga, meditate, write in your journal, or daydream.”  I also use this space to read scriptures and listen to conference talks. (Kaye)

I created this space in a spare room in may house.  I’m growing to love it.  (Kaye)my place

Today’s Mantra:  All the answers are within me.

man·tra noun (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.
  1. Find a comfortable place to practice. …
  2. Sit in a comfortable cross legged-position with elevated hips and closed eyes. …
  3. Focus on your breath, but don’t control it. …
  4. Chant your chosen mantra. …
  5. Decide if you want to continue chanting or silently meditate.

I use a mala beads, you can see them in the picture above.