Who Me?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kaye.  I have been married to the same man for 43 years.  We have four children and seven grandchildren (with another on the way).  I believe one of the most important roles in my life is being a wife and mother.  I feel women are blessed with a nurturing nature, it is in us when we are born.  You don’t have to have children to nurture, but most of my experience comes from motherhood.

22814044_10214783071874097_5137162859489861940_nI met Mata Ji, a fictional character in “How Yoga Works”, by  Geshne Michael Roach & Christie McNally.  Her character is described as follows, “Mata Ji was a real pleasure.  She had it seems done some yoga in her early years, obviously with a person who really understood how yoga works.  And so she came to her classes warm and open and ready to be taught.”  I was curious about this name so I googled and found that Mataji is a Hindi term meaning ‘respected mother’ it is used to to address an older woman in Indian culture. I was drawn to this name, it’s meaning and to the character in the book.  Therefore Mata Ji became the name of this blog about my journey into yoga.

My journey started after witnessing the effects of back surgery on my sweet mother. I watch the pain she suffers and the after effects of surgery and chose to take a different path.  Yoga being part of that path.

I have been doing the physical practice of yoga for several years.  i have questionsGoing to classes and moving my body, feeling the effects of stretching and strength.  And then I started hearing that yoga addresses not just the physical but also the emotional and spiritual being.  I started to feel things in my heart, what?  I just wanted to avoid getting old and stiff, what does yoga have to do with my mind, my spirit, my consciousness?   I’m intrigued.  Is yoga a religion?  Oh my, is it going to interfere with the beliefs I already have? Or, can I experience what I believe in a deeper way because of my yoga practice? When I learn the answers to these questions I’ll let you know.

My heart leads me to find out more.  Long story short, last week I attended my first 2 days of Yoga Teacher Training.  It is a leap of faith, the voices in my head say, are you crazy?  What are you getting into?  Why do you think you can do this?  Your too old, your not smart enough, you can’t afford it.  I’m already learning why I have these voices in my head.  I’m letting go of doubts and fears, learning to be a different way.  And I like it.

I’ve begun a wonder journey, the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my yoga experience. I plan to share it with you and hope you enjoy the adventure.




5 thoughts on “Who Me?”

  1. Beautifully written Kaye! So happy you are choosing to document this journey for all to see. What a great idea ! I am also excited to be sharing this journey with you and all the other wonderful, strong, amazing women in our program!

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