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You are inspiring, my blog is … is .. so not what I exprcted when I started out. Oh well who knows whats5in the future. Your a great writersays your Mom.


Hello again. How was your week? Mine? Mine was good, I’m finally out of the fog-of-war sickness I’ve been through.

Been watching a lot of Reba. Had no idea Reba McEntire was a country music star until Stephanie told me all about it. We’ve both spent a lot of time lying down, waiting for this awful cold to leave us and in the process have almost watched all six seasons of the show. I love it, not gonna lie. I’m excited because Stephanie said she’d give Becker a shot since I’ve been watching so much Reba with her. Becker is the best sitcom ever, next to Three’s Company, of course. It’s been a very… 90’s sitcom sort of world for the last couple weeks.

I’m back in the action, took my writing by the reins and knocked out chapters twenty-five and twenty-six this week, hoping for another one tomorrow. I…

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