The Inevitable Passage of Time [Blog]

Given your genealogy I’d say you have 90 years, can’t believe I’ve already usef my 4500 days I guess the rest is just a bonus.


I’ve been thinking about time a lot recently. I know that time is just a made up construct necessary for humans to be able to comprehend what’s happening instead of experiencing it all at once. Knowing it doesn’t make you a master though. We aren’t able to speed up or slow down how we perceive things, though that would be a pretty sick super power. Drag out the moments that make life worth living, the belly laughs, the smiles that make you smile, the hugs and kisses that make you feel alive. Then, of course, you’d be able to speed things up and get through work quicker to get home and play your video games.

This whole concept was explored back when Adam Sandler still made good movies. I’m pretty sure Click might have been the last watchable one.

I digress.

My mind has been filled with this concept of…

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