Would You Like to Learn a Mantra?

Asato ma sadgamaya

Tamaso ma hyortirgamaya

Mrytorma amrtam gamaya


Lead, me from UNTRUTH to TRUTH

Lead, me from DARKNESS to LIGHT


 – Taken from Brhadaranyaka Upanishad – I.III.28 –

The Pavamana Mantra – pavamana meaning “being purified, strained”.  Also known as pavamana abhyoroha – abhyaroha meaning ascending, being an Upanishadic technical term for “Prayer”.

The first line explains the same to us.  Always we should remember to know ourselves.  Ultimate goal is to obtain the knowledge to know the reality in life.  Pure bliss, pure consciousness and pure existence is said to be as reality.

The second line explains how to lead the life towards knowledge from ignorance which obscures our mind to understand the reality.  As our body keeps generating the cells, our Universe with a constant flux, and the earth with constant distance at every moment of time with other astral bodies, we have to travel from darkness to light and death to life. It is also a constant change.  Nothing in this world is constant.  You feel happy, tomorrow you may be sad, yesterday you might have cried for something.  These things are not at all real and constant.  As like the universe is in constant change, we should be too.

As we know already that energy nor created or destroyed like soul.  We shouldn’t be very keen to love this body.  It is unreal.  Our soul is real.  That’s a constant change.  This is the meaning given in the third line of the prayer.

We are leading life journey of knowledge.  To know what is self, and to know what we misunderstood from what is truly “I”.

What the mantras really means is “God, please lead me to the understanding that I am not the limited body, mind and intellect, but I am, was and always will be the eternal absolute, blissful consciousness that serves as that substratum” (Resource:


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