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There Is Enough Time

thoughtsIn the morning I find myself rushing, telling myself, OH, I should empty the dishwasher, I should water my plants, the laundry needs to be done and the bathrooms need cleaning again.  When will I have time to read my scriptures, study the material from my yoga training?  When will I meditate? Why am I creating such a frenzy when I have the entire day in front of me?

In my yoga training class, I am learning about The Eight-Limb Path of Yoga. The second limb, niyamas, has to do with self-discipline and spiritual observances.  Is there something in the niyamas that I can practice that will help relieve my anxiety about having enough time?

Does self-discipline mean I work like crazy and get everything off my ‘to do’ list just to be exhausted at the end of the day?  Or, does it mean I have the self discipline to let go of my list and create a different experience?  

20170411_081334I choose letting go.  When I start hearing that voice in my head that says, do, do, do, I’ve started saying to myself, there is enough time.  It slows down my thoughts and I make a choice from a grounded place instead of a frenzied place. 

Example, this morning I’m starting my day, my thoughts start racing, get things done, get things done.  I say, there is enough time. I see my water bottle, it has strawberries and lemons in it, wow that is pretty, let’s take a picture.  Fifteen-minutes later after taking several different pictures from several different angles I have a wonderful picture.  I even take time to post it on Facebook.  Guess what? I still had enough time.

So what have I learned? 

The world tells us to go faster, do more, be more, get more.  Can we be disciplined enough to not listen to those thoughts and change them to something that serves our spirit?  We can do what we do in a way that is satisfying and not rushed.  I suggest that when we get in the trap of frenzied thoughts we tell ourselves there is enough time.


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