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Santosha – Contentment

By cultivating Santosha we learn to remain balanced in the midst of all our challenges, never getting too low when things don't go as planned or too elated when things go well.


Catching Up and Slowing Down

Thewineyoga has a nice article on ways to slow down and find some peace, sounds a lot like Brahmacharya


It has been a chaotic week around here…homeschooling, subbing a resistance bands class, prepping for two radio interviews tomorrow on wine, meeting with a new client and cooking for another, and trying to get my house cleaned! Whew…on top of everything else, I am knee deep in the middle of my 10 day sugar/caffeine/alcohol detox…I am exhausted, well-hydrated, fighting headaches, and hangry! You don’t know how much you miss a thing, like chocolate, until you give it up for awhile.

I have been trying to make sure to slow down, however, every night by either meditating, reading, or doing some yoga nidra as I fall asleep. I wanted to point out two nifty apps I use to help with the meditation and nidra.

The first app is Calm. A wonderful little app, Calm offers a variety of different backgrounds, sounds, guided meditations, and timed meditations to help you find…

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